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Drs Mandré Koops and Nick Meanwell are the Partners in Fremington Training and Media. We are enthusiasts who like to get results !

Mandré Koops is bilingual (Dutch & English)

During the last 20 years we've been drawn from quite simple beginnings into training an enormous range of people in widely varying courses.

We train people at all levels of business and commerce, as well as in “not for profit” organisations. We have worked with many of the biggest names in Dutch business life as well as with countless smaller companies. We have also provided in-career training for broadcasters from many countries and for politicians.

Mandré is also unique in that he trains in all areas of the Dutch criminal justice system, from judges and lawyers, through all ranks of the police services to volunteer workers who support victims.

Our courses do not come “off the peg”. We don't deliver a course whether it fits your needs or not. We start with what you feel you need and we are experienced enough to be flexible in what we provide – during the course itself, too.

We aim to make people's working lives as efficient as possible and to reduce stress as much as possible. This applies as much to people in everyday business life as to those who find themselves in extreme circumstances. Needless to say, the benefits of what you learn in the courses usually spread over into private life.

Some of the areas we work in:

Communication techniques - understanding and controlling business conversations, telephone skills, client-centred behaviour; giving advice, negotiating skills, understanding what people are really saying.

Influencing people – advising and negotiating

Getting the most out of yourself – Personal effectiveness, time-management, assertiveness and stress management.

Preparing for retirement: Retirement brings with it huge changes in yourself and in your relationships. We have worked with companies to help their valued employees enjoy a happy retirement with a knowledge of the issues involved and a clear sense of direction.

Dealing with shocking events Over the years we've gained expertise in training people who have to work in extreme circumstances and who have to deal with shocking events. We work in all areas of the criminal justice system, but also with people inside companies who support their colleagues at difficult times or after shocking events.

Individual Coaching

We're happy to work with individuals as well as with groups. We can coach you in subjects varying from leadership skills to team work, to developing a career. We can also help you to shake off circumstances from your past which you think still hold you up.

There are endless possibilities and countless ways of working. It'll also be important for you to know that we work for highly competitive fees !

If you want to explore more, then email us at, or leave a message on 06 38 900 543

We will get back to you.